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Your only solution to staying warm in

chilly Treatment rooms

Because we know!

Hospital gowns are depressingly unflattering, undignified and make you feel cold and vulnerable; Just what you don’t want while you are fighting the fight of your life against cancer or dealing with dialysis.


Designed by a cancer survivor 

The Chemo dialysis comfort  jacket is your antidote:

  • Warm and comforting, a soft cotton poly spandex blend

  • Sleeves open up completely. Snaps, buttons and zips in the jacket allow access to any IV’s, ports or tubes your medical procedure requires.

  • openings are easily adjusted during treatment

  • Allows ease of moving

  • Patients stay warm and comfortable without disturbing the treatment

  • Styled to give you that “conquer the world” look that you need to battle an illness.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that 85% of disease is emotionally based so when fighting cancer or dealing with dialysis, as your doctor has probably told you, it’s important to create the right mental outlook so that you feel empowered all the time, especially when going through a life-or-death procedure.

Your Comfort Jacket gives you instant warmth, convenience style and confidence. Need an IV in your arm? No problem, any of the openings along the arm will provide wide access for insertion then narrow closure afterwards for warmth and privacy.

And that’s not all!

  • Comfort jackets by Homa are also convenient for senior citizens, patients with arthritis or just getting dressed and going to doctor’s visits.

  • Comfort jackets allow people with prosthetic arms to get in and out of long sleeves in a snap. The sleeves open up completely and hang down the shoulders!

Comfort jackets allows you to deal with a variety of procedures from a simple blood test to dealing with mobility problems and other concerns.

Restore your dignity and confidence today, Order your Comfort Jacket today

and add to your arsenal of weapons in the successful fight against your disease.

If you order today you’ll receive your Comfort Jacket within 4-5 days.